Wang Haihong condolences left behind floating children

Left-behind children has been the municipal government and community care, care and attention of the group in May 30th, "61" the international children’s Day is approaching, and the Committee of civilization on the city part of left-behind children and migrant children for their holiday greetings. Municipal Standing Committee, propaganda department minister, chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, director of municipal civilization Wang Haihong went to Datong County, North Township Center School, where the children sent a holiday gift.

"good kids, I wish you a happy holiday!" On the morning of May 30th, Wang Haihong walked into the campus of the primary school of the North Central School of Datong County, gave us a festive greeting. During the break, Wang Haihong walked into the classroom, approached the children, to the child to send warm wishes to watch the children after school activities, not to bend down to detail their learning and living conditions. Look at the flowers of the motherland, the future of the country is growing healthily, Wang Haihong face always exudes a warm smile, she said, the education needs of the community of common concern to support the left-behind children need more care and love, what are the requirements for the healthy growth of children in the process, we will try to meet. Wang Haihong then visited the school’s teaching building, playground, as well as the dining hall and dormitories. How many classes are there in the school?" How many students are there?" Wang Haihong while visiting the school responsible person to inquire about the situation, and told the school responsible person, we must ensure that the safety of a good meal.

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