Western 23 projects help ecological construction

This year, the west area of the introduction of "green" concept in the Huangshui River landscape management project, fully integrated with the existing topography, vegetation, urban greening and water to form a series of "green road network", "green channel" network through Lu Qing Park, people’s Park, so that the majority of people have a good place for leisure exercise. Currently, the project has started construction. Huangshui River landscape management "greenway" project, only the west district this year to build a project in which the ecological environmental protection project. This year, the district government has always been to promote the construction of ecological civilization as the top priority of overall and strategic task, to create a national environmental protection model city as the starting point, with the comprehensive improvement of the environment as a breakthrough, efforts to solve people’s health and social stability of the prominent environmental problems, to a new level to promote ecological civilization the construction work and the "modern Western model" construction to achieve a new leap forward. It is understood that this year the west area of project construction work relates to ecological environmental protection projects a total of 23, including the new 20, add 3. Open (complex) 23, open (complex) work rate of 100%; completion of the 11, the completion rate of 48%. As of now, the rural network maintenance and reconstruction, Nanshan District West of Yang Jia Zhai Cun liberation transformation, sewer pipe canal Village section of highway reconstruction project, in pengjiavillage to fire the three North Shelterbelt Project (five), green, fire 71 Road Park District Yasuoki Village Village Road Greening Engineering, small garden renovation project, the Yellow River road five grass flower three-dimensional modeling projects, garbage bucket and the dustbin, purchase and installation of coal smoke pollution control project, and drinking water project 11 has been completed. The fire water pipe renovation, village Nanshan forest fire guard housing construction, 61 bridge to bridge, Xiushui greening in urban street green landscape renovation and upgrading projects, urban road construction and public green flower street flower arrangement, street greening projects, new urban guardrail replacement installation built 37 public toilet, sanitation vehicle purchase 8 is in the implementation of. Liu Zhai, Peng Zhai, Han Zhuang village resettlement facilities construction, renovation, fire ditch pumping station in Huangshui River watershed and Nanchuan River greenway landscape construction, vertical compression type heat transfer station 4 has entered the early stage of the bidding process.  

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