Xining public security organs to open the door to listen to the views of the masses closer to the po

at present, the Xining public security organs are organizing a big visit to open the door evaluation activities.

"visit" comment on police activities of public security organs is to open the door for the community, in-depth visits to the masses, to listen to the opinions of the masses, consciously accept the masses, from the masses are not satisfied with the change from the problems from the start of the satisfaction of the masses of things, to further strengthen and improve public security work.

"visit" comment on police activities, not only conducive to all kinds of conflicts and disputes in the bud at the grassroots level, to maintain stability, more active, but also sincerely for the people, make the service work more efficiently, thus greatly improve people’s satisfaction of social security and public security work. It is of great practical significance to serve the economic and social development of Xining, to build a harmonious relationship between the police and the people, to improve the level of public security work, and to establish a good image of the team.

days ago, the Ministry of public security decided by the city or county public security organs especially the grass-roots units and window units focus on the further development of the "visit" comment on police activities in the national public security organs. This is the second development of "liberating" visits "Edmonton practice, the Ministry of public security on strengthening and improving public security work made a major decision. To carry out the "big visit" to open the door to the police activities, is the national public security organs in the "12th Five-Year" in the beginning of the year a major event, important things, is the new era of public security organs to strengthen and improve the work of the masses an important measure.


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