To create a clear water and blue sky environmental protection departments of the province’s joint pr

reporter learned from the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau was informed that, for the continuous improvement of the eastern city group and actively promote the province of atmospheric environmental quality, environmental protection department and the Provincial Meteorological Bureau signed a cooperation framework agreement, the cooperation through the establishment of heavy pollution weather department, adverse weather conditions of the early warning linkage mechanism, optimize the allocation of resources and sharing.

"the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau and the provincial meteorological bureau pointed out that the cooperation framework agreement", the two sides will further consolidate and improve the cooperation mechanism, long-term cooperation and continue to promote environmental protection work in the field of meteorology, atmospheric pollution prevention and control of adverse weather conditions of the joint consultation, information sharing and weather warning of heavy pollution emergency response mechanism, analysis of the common good heavy pollution weather process trend, jointly issued the atmospheric environmental quality and heavy pollution weather warning information. To strengthen scientific research, environmental monitoring project cooperation, joint application or cooperation including environmental protection, prevention and control of atmospheric pollution and atmospheric environmental quality monitoring, forecasting and early warning and other areas of scientific research projects in the field of EIA work; increase the coordination, coordination and data sharing efforts to jointly carry out the atmospheric environmental capacity evaluation and research. The establishment of meteorological data and air quality monitoring data, environmental air pollution prediction and data sharing mechanism involved in project completion of the technical achievements, strengthen communication and cooperation in environmental air quality report, air quality forecasting, weather forecasting pollution weather conditions, and in the city (prefecture) level and above city cooperation air quality index (AQI) forecast. Make full use of both environmental monitoring and meteorological observation stations and the existing facilities, provide the necessary support for each other; optimal planning of environmental monitoring and meteorological observation station network layout design scheme, and optimize the allocation of resources complementary. At the same time, the establishment of a regular consultation mechanism to solve the problem. (author: Zhang Haihu)


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