The world’s first high-speed rail line through the tunnel

The 1 day at 10:10, with the northeastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau Qilian Mountains celebration firecrackers sounded deep, focus on new high-speed LAN control projects 1 Qilian Mountains smoothly through the tunnel, which marks the breakthrough by the twenty Bureau of China Railway Group of thousands of builders fought more than 4 years the world’s highest altitude high speed Railway Tunnel – Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron Qilian Mountains tunnel across the board.

Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron Qilian Mountains tunnel project by Qilian Mountains Tunnel No. 1, Qilian Mountains Liuhuanggou Bridge No. 2 tunnel and connecting the two tunnels, total length of 16.336 km, the highest altitude tunnel rail surface elevation of 3607.4 meters, and the two tunnels were grade I risk tunnel, is the world’s highest elevation, the highest standard and construction the most difficult construction of high-speed railway tunnel project, the world’s first high-speed rail high tunnel ".Since the

across Gansu and Qinghai provinces new full-length Lanzhou Xinjiang high iron 1776 km, the design speed of more than 200 kilometers, is China’s first high-speed railway construction in high altitude areas.  

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