Stolen passbook guess passwords stolen large sums of money arrested 1 suspects

8 28, the East City Public Security Bureau police station Zhou Jiaquan cracked together by deciphering the bank passbook password, theft of large deposits of major theft cases, arresting suspects, 1.

August 18th, the police station received a small commodity wholesale market, the individual owner of a cable to report a case, its 41000 yuan deposit by others in July and August this year, several times to steal. After receiving the report, police immediately launched an investigation, through a large number of Mopai investigation and savings in the months of waiting, initially identified a major crime suspects zhu. August 28th police quickly attack, a tea in the West District, the suspect Zhu captured. Upon review, Zhu confessed to steal a passbook passbook, with a cable of a birthday, cell phone number to try to guess the password after the success, respectively, in Xinning Road, Tongren Road, and many other savings deposits stolen 41000 yuan of criminal facts.

police to remind the public, to enter the passbook password as far as possible without their own birthday, cell phone number and home phone number, so as not to leave an opportunity for illegal personnel.


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