North city grassroots organizations to highlight the activities of the year

in the new round of basic organization construction activities in the north area of the grass-roots party construction work with reality, take eight measures to improve the level of grass-roots party organizations, with outstanding achievements to greet the great victory of the party held eighteen.
"Ten Project" idea. In order to improve the scientific level of Party construction as the goal, adhere to the "project implementation, target management, project promotion, brand management methods of work, and strive to create a" quality improvement, virtuous recommended energy, team optimization, star standard, first-class, sunshine party, people only care, after hatching, remediation cohesion, project management and other 10 party building innovation project, clear steps, building engineering construction contents, propulsion mode, organizational measures and targets, and strive to create a level to the post responsibility level, grade level, level promotion level, forming layers are objective, everyone has the responsibility, the level of task responsibility system.
"three change" break the bottleneck. In some rural areas, the community, the development of non-public enterprises party lag problem, strict party’s development co-ordination, entrance, quality, achieve the "waiting for LED door" and "changing the general call for rewards and punishment", "change it for work" and "three changes", to ensure that the work to promote the development of Party members. Since 2011, a total of 453 people in the region to apply to join the party, the party activists to join the training of the people, absorbing the preparation of Party members, a total of 144, compared with the same period last year, an increase of 243, respectively, and 272 and 85. The pursuit of fine
". Take effective measures to select team members to the town, the streets of Hou Jincun served as the first Secretary of the village Party organization "";

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