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Since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the party organization department focus department, to solve the problems of work, carefully organized to carry out the study and education, the comments link activities, adhere to the minor is Kung Fu, from the details to ensure the effectiveness of educational practice in the first part of the arrangement without aliasing, do not shrink. Promote the table: precise to the day as the Department to ensure that the party’s mass line educational practice is not empty, not partial, not as a mere formality, in the elaboration of basic education practice overall program of education and learning the comments link on a plan of further refinement, truth-seeking, activities will be specific to each day set goals, task of promoting the table, taking the course of "form" and "schedule list" in the form of a clear cadres to learn education and seek the views of the carrier activity, time node and the target task, in strict accordance with the timetable arrangements implemented one by one, do not miss every day. Micro lectures: dapper   according to the actual situation of Many a little make a mickle.; the Ministry of business work, the Ministry will carry out educational practice closely and implement the national and provincial and municipal organization Minister of the spirit of the meeting, to take flexible learning methods, concise practical, carry out the morning micro lectures activities. Use every Tuesday and Thursday morning half an hour, by the cadres when the lectures lecturer, based on carefully prepared in advance of the plan, the Ministry of Party members and cadres to teach about the party’s mass line theory, series general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech and group business knowledge, do theory learning and work to promote two. Up to now, has been carried out in the morning micro lectures 7 times, Party members and cadres to participate in the study of more than 200 people. To carry out micro party education at the same time, the group of large auditorium, outstanding theme of the film screenings and other activities, improve the learning methods, effectively avoids youkouwuxin and tedious problems in the learning process. Abstract: learning guidance inspectors not as a mere formality to enhance the cadres to learn to grasp the mass line of the party, the Ministry of education leading group office to carry out some type of guidance, weekly arrangement of learning content, learning materials, for the development of cadres in their spare time to learn. In order to prevent easy learning in "hand heart", requires each party cadres to personal experience based learning notes. The office of the leading group regularly check the learning experience and cover review chapter, the organization of the judges to write the experience of scoring, and the evaluation of the publicity, effectively ensure that learning is not going through the motions. Improved: face to face questionnaire comments combining syndrome by taking into account the views and held a forum, concerns some units and comrades, inconvenience to put forward opinions and suggestions; fill in the questionnaire to solicit opinions, options to set the copy, not in accordance with the actual situation in options, no start etc.. In order to ensure the effectiveness in the comments, the Ministry of Education held a foundation to solicit opinions and practice activities to mobilize the organization, leadership team members of the Ministry of education practice questionnaire options one by one to discuss changes, to develop a more scientific and reasonable and closely related to the organization department work actual consultation questionnaire. Within the department;

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