Provincial first inspection teams stationed in the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee,

According to the unified deployment of the provincial Party committee, the provincial first inspection teams stationed in the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, the provincial CPPCC organs to carry out a special tour for 2 months, the Provincial Department of water resources to carry out inspections, looking back at the". November 28th, 29, 2009, respectively, held a mobilization meeting patrol work 30. The first provincial inspection team leader Dojena Jean made a mobilization speech, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee Party Secretary and the Secretary General of the provincial CPPCC Jia Yingzhong, party secretary, Secretary General Wang Jin, party secretary and director of the Provincial Water Resources Department Zhang Shifeng chaired the meeting and made a stand to speak. Huang Youliang, deputy head of the group, and all the members of the inspection team to participate in the mobilization of the meeting of the.

Dojena Jean pointed out that the patrol is a political examination, the tour is the party organization and Party members and leading cadres. The focus of inspection teams to play the core leadership of the party, the party’s policy implementation, Party building work, comprehensive strictly, the main responsibility for the implementation of the discipline inspection agencies oversight responsibility for the implementation, personnel selection, the central provisions of the spirit of eight and 21 provincial government measures such as the implementation of check. Closely linked to the six disciplines, focusing on key people, the key issues, key issues, problems, the formation of shock.

Dojena Jean stressed that "look back" is to patrol, prominent political discipline and political rules of the problems not found the "rediscovery" has not yet in-depth understanding of the problem of "understanding", promoting the problem bottomed out. By looking back, to patrol party organizations to strengthen the main responsibility, to promote the management and administration of the party from the loose to tight hard soft.

Jia Yingzhong said that the inspection is the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee and Party members of a comprehensive political examination, is the provincial people’s Congress organs honest government comprehensive consultation". From politics, abide by the rules, to fully understand the significance of the inspection work, the inspection work as the transformation of the subjective world, accept the spirit of education, strengthen the party spirit, to a rare opportunity to test organization, to ensure the unity of thinking to the important decision of the central and provincial deployment.

Wang Jin said that the provincial CPPCC members of the party organ should always adhere to the discipline and rules is in front of the spirit of the party, the people and the cause, highly responsible for the comrades of the active attitude, check carefully, take the lead in revealing, should stand in the height of organizational loyalty, seeking truth from facts provide the facts, reflect the problem, do not hide the problem, do not avoid conflict, so that inspection teams fully understand the province CPPCC leadership and cadres status.

Zhang Shifeng said that the Provincial Department of water conservancy system of Party organizations at all levels from the political and overall perspective, a profound understanding of the significance of the "look back" to carry out inspections, and enhance the consciousness and firmness to accept the supervision and inspection, support the inspection work, and strive to create good conditions for the inspection work, to ensure the smooth conduct inspections.


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