Agricultural producer prices rose 4.50%

National Bureau of statistics Qinghai Survey Corps released in April 12th the province’s agricultural producer price survey showed that in the first quarter, the province’s agricultural producer price index 104.50, the price rose by 4.50%.

agricultural producer prices fell slightly. In the first quarter, agricultural producer price index 97.03, prices fell by 2.97%. Vegetable prices rose 41.14%, potato rose by 15.83%, grain fell by 8.26%, oil fell by 3.45%.

livestock producer prices rose faster. In the first quarter, livestock production price index 109.25, prices rose by 9.25%. Among them, pigs egg prices rose 12.88%, down 12.42%, down 7.38% live sheep, chickens down 5.58%, cattle milk fell 5.05%, down 0.45%.


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