Let the Lake Race become the window to show Xining

in the evening of July 6th, Lake race will start on the occasion, Xining City Vice Mayor Tong Wang from the national media press conference said that the Xining municipal government will strive to put around the race opening ceremony and Xining criterium into the people of all ethnic groups in Xining major festivals and grand sports event, to become Xining’s foreign exchange through the window, the lake race this platform to let the world know Xining, into Xining. She said in the unique climatic conditions in summer in Xining, came to Xining you will love summer.

at the meeting, Tong Wang told the more than and 200 journalists from the Xining local customs and practices are briefly introduced and historical culture, the economic and social development, geographical landscape, unique climate and Xining won the National Health City, garden city, China excellent tourist city and Chinese most tourist destination of the yearning for honor. She said, Xining is the Tibetan Plateau portal, Qinghai is the political, economic, cultural, transportation center, also has a long history, rich cultural heritage, more important is the Xining summer climate, is one of the most cool summer city, is a natural tourist resort, is the beautiful home of spiritual cultivation round, here you will love summer. Therefore, she hopes the media from across the country through the lake race this platform to understand Xining, understanding Xining, Xining local customs and practices, the common feeling of human history, and through the lens and reporters writing, introduce Xining to every yearning for the people of Xining, this is the charm of the lake race, is the glory of Xining. (author: Ge Wenrong)

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