Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce around the eight key work to promote fine managemen

from the city’s meticulous planning and construction management services mobilization meeting was held in Xining City, Industrial and Commercial Bureau Party attaches great importance to meeting the requirements of global thematic studies from eight aspects, to promote the city’s industrial and commercial system meticulous planning and construction management. One is
the fine management in strengthening the learning. As team members, departments purchased a special "detail decides success or failure", "no excuses", "government management", "fine day big things" and other four books, the global party members and cadres of the central group learning and reading in the morning time, further in-depth study of the spirit of the speech, a profound understanding of the hair, accurately grasp the fine work standard, connotation and significance. At the same time, making a study plan, pay close attention to the "four books" study, put the concept of refinement into all aspects of the work, to carry out a specific work, to implement the annual assessment objectives, achieve global down the unity of thinking, clear understanding.

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