Vitality Xining happy running fortieth New Year’s day around the world cup has been registered for 1

20, by the Xining Municipal People’s government and the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau, the Bureau and other more than and 20 units of the contractor, held by the China Telecom named "Tianyi Cup" 2013 Xining fortieth day race press conference at the provincial stadium, the meeting informed of the situation of the game, Xining New Year’s day race emblem also on the same day.

in 2013, the fortieth Xining New Year’s day round the city is the party’s "top eighteen" after the victory, the first large-scale mass sports activities held in Xining. This activity with "vigor Xining, happy running" as the theme, aims to enhance the awareness of national fitness, improve the physical quality, enrich the content of national fitness, promote Xining City Sports Culture and tourism development, the depth of integration.

the game set individual events and team events in two forms, the individual competition project is divided into middle school men and women group, young men and women group, adult male and female group, age group and professional group of men and women groups; set up a project for family group games and jogging team, cycling matrix. As of December 20th, individual competition 1207; jogging team nearly seventy teams enrolled nearly seven thousand people; the bicycle registration team of 400 people. Among them, the athletes participating in the oldest 83 years old, the youngest is only 11 years old. (author: Xin Xuelian)


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