The fourth quarter of Xining will subsidize key commodities

In September 25th, the reporter learned that the fourth quarter, Xining city will take the dynamic regulation of security of supply, increase investment, strengthen supervision and the consumer price index linked, continue to implement a series of measures and methods for transporting vegetables reserve, zero slip control, government subsidies, discount none, set trade market special rectification, meat dish price etc. the main factors affecting the high price, the total level of Xining city operation can be effectively suppressed, to maintain the basic stability of the overall price level of the market.

it is understood that the foundation continues to implement a series of policies and measures to stabilize prices, Xining will strictly implement the "four fixed" system, continue to implement the urban linkage inspection check mechanism, strict market supervision, strengthen market inspections, urging the operators to implement the price tag, and severely punish and strike price violations, to further standardize market order. Conscientiously do a good job in the real estate market price monitoring, crack down on price hikes, collusion and other price violations.

this year before the onset of winter, Xining city will be the construction of agricultural infrastructure, accelerate the upgrading of old greenhouse facilities, accelerate the agricultural base water, electricity, roads and other facilities construction, to ensure the successful completion of the new year winter greenhouse 3000, 3000 greenhouses, enhance the transformation of the old shed 1500 building construction tasks and to ensure that the new greenhouse built to promptly put into season vegetable production. Accelerate the construction of milk source, beef cattle, pig and poultry base, improve the self-sufficiency rate of agricultural and sideline products. The fourth quarter of each year, the city of Xining as a result of the real estate to reduce the amount of food listed, vegetable prices fluctuates greatly, Xining will focus on transporting vegetables, food storage reserves and other varieties of real estate links given government subsidies, in order to effectively reduce the market retail price of vegetables. At the same time, according to the market price of pig, cow, lamb and eggs and other key commodities, the timely supply of necessary government subsidies, in order to stabilize the market price of non-staple food, reduce people’s living costs.

in addition, to strengthen the construction of marketing system, reducing the cost of commodity circulation, Xining city will be from the source to regulate the market operation order, improve the supporting services, increase the direct sales system construction, improve the construction of agricultural products distribution center, promote agricultural city, agricultural super docking, docking, speed up the meat and vegetables direct community construction, reducing circulation, to reduce the cost of circulation. To strengthen the construction and management of the morning, flow Shoucai car into the area to facilitate the masses shopping. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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