Xining held a cultural tourism and sports industry will promote the work of cold resources leveragin

  in December 4th, the Xining municipal government held a cultural tourism sports industry to promote the work, planning Xining winter tourism, and deployment of the next period of work.

after the tourist season, Xining how to do a good job tourism this article? In fact, the four seasons in Xining have their own characteristics, even in winter there are big articles to do. Compared with the winter in the northeast, Xining’s winter is not cold, especially Xining has a unique geographical, natural, cultural advantages.

Xining will make good use of these cold resources, organized by the snow festival, the ice sculpture festival, delicacy shopping and other activities, to support the Datong ski resort, Huangzhong Tibetan Culture Museum of ice Carnival and other tourism projects, build winter tourism brand, it will be bigger and stronger, to further expand the winter tourism market, promote the development of winter tourism by industry, the unique "cold resource" leveraging this "hot tourism economy".

on the day of the meeting, the city of Xining for a period of time to make arrangements for tourism. In the future, Xining will be based on grasping the foundation, grasping the project, grasping the economy, grasping management, grasping the environment and other seven work to enhance the competitiveness of the tourism industry. Will focus on improving the city tourism public service function, tourism information consulting services, tourism planning, tourism infrastructure and supporting facilities, tourism industry service level promotion efforts, and constantly improve the tourism "six elements" supporting service level.

at the same time, will do a good job in the Biological Park Museum group 5A and the north of the city of agricultural farming interest in ecological park 4A level scenic spot to create work, the construction of tourist centers, improve service functions, create a scenic atmosphere.

in addition, the tourism sector will strengthen their own management, strengthen team construction, strengthen the training of employees, rectification and standardize market behavior, focus on the scenic spots, hotels, travel agencies, tourism transportation services, optimize the tourism environment, improve service quality and tourist satisfaction. (author: Wu Yachun)


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