Xining customs reduction of 2 million 589 thousand and 900 yuan of tax for the reconstruction of imp

recently, the Xining Customs on the construction of environmental protection capacity in Qinghai after the disaster, the gas detector, sampler, spectrophotometer and other 23 categories of equipment yuan tax relief tax of $217 thousand and 400.

according to the customs staff, to ensure the smooth progress of post disaster reconstruction in Yushu, the customs through the establishment of special Easy Access, guarantee 24 hours, according to the rapid tax relief for the audit procedures and other measures concerning the security of post disaster reconstruction in Yushu imported goods, quick release, quick trial quickpass. The reconstruction of Yushu for 3 years, the project has handled the "import and export goods exemption certificate" of post disaster reconstruction in 13, to $1 million 114 thousand and 200 worth of environmental protection equipment, medical equipment and medicines, clothing and other assistance tax relief 2 million 589 thousand and 900 yuan. (author: Jia Ming)

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