Turn style in action City District to create the first smile service brand in Xining

February 2nd, Xining City District People’s government administrative service center, turn style, in the series of theme activities in the city of South Beach office started.

January 20th, the newspaper published reports of "administrative service center of Xining City District People’s government 8 staff to chat on the Internet to watch the movie", reflecting the Administrative Service Center City District People’s government, 8 staff members to access the Internet, chat, watch the movie situation during the work. The report was published, by Xining City District Committee and district government leaders attach great importance to, and immediately organized personnel to the Administrative Service Center City District People’s government investigation and verification. After the City District Committee, district government departments to investigate and verify the report reflects the objective existence of the situation. In January 22nd, the city district government held a special meeting, each unit requires a profound analysis of the root of the problem, improve their work style, improve work quality and work efficiency, and earnestly, in order to promote the improvement of work style of cadres, and puts forward five specific measures.

in turn style, in action "series of theme activities, the city district to establish and perfect the relevant rules and regulations, signed by the undertaking, making" the smile in the window, satisfaction in the service quality assessment center "report card," star service staff ", enhance the service level of the staff. In addition, the central information center will not conduct regular inspections, investigations, and resolutely put an end to the use of office computer entertainment, and set up two service supervision public telephone: Urban District Commission for Discipline Inspection Office of the 8248836 city district government office 6512326.

not only that, the administrative service center to the Central People’s government will also provide candy, tea, newspapers and computer for the masses to work, improve service levels, enhance service capabilities, to create Xining’s first smile service brand. (author: Wu Yachun)

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