The nineteenth Qinghai youth Medal of the year award announced the award of the 10 outstanding young

May 3rd, reporters from the provincial Party committee was informed that the nineteenth session of the 54 Qinghai youth Medal Award announced, 10 Outstanding Youth Award awarded.

won the nineteenth session of the 54 Qinghai youth Medal "honorary titles are: Qinghai National University Law School associate professor Wang Gang, Qinghai province Guide County snow rape planting cooperatives President Wazinna Jean, director of Qinghai Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Anesthesiology, Chinese Qu Ning Qinghai oil sales company in Guoluo gas station manager Du Xiaoqin, Qinghai provincial meteorological science Xiao Jianshe, deputy director of the Institute of West District Xining city environmental sanitation management center of Sanitation Department of sanitation workers team Xiguan Zhang Danchun four, Xining city police fire brigade Dongchuan brigade a squadron commander assistant Zhang Xinghua, the national network of Qinghai Province, Zeku county power company electricity company Yang Bo, Xining public service monitor Commission Director Zhao Hanqing, Qinghai bridge aluminum electrolytic aluminum Limited by Share Ltd branch feeding purification workshop two team leader Ge Haiyang.

it is reported that the 10 outstanding youth has made extraordinary achievements in their respective positions, is the outstanding representative of the value of our province young people to practice the socialist core values, is the majority of young people learn, their struggle and deeds show lofty ideas of contemporary Qinghai youth to serve the motherland, plateau, hard work and selfless dedication of the noble sentiments, hard learning, innovative spirit, brave, never yield in spite of reverses tenacity of character, dedication, down-to-earth style of work.


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