ntelligent transportation construction in China has taken new steps

10 month 28 days, Qinghai province transportation Fund Development Co. Ltd., Qinghai province card limited liability company also unveiled, marking the transportation system in our province has made new breakthroughs in intelligent transportation construction investment and financing system reform.

The major livelihood projects

as the deployment of the provincial government, the Provincial Department of transportation and a careful analysis of the opportunities and challenges of transformation and development of the transportation industry, the establishment of transport industry development fund and set the bus IC card, ETC card, highway road transport IC card three card in one card system as the office this year, close to the livelihood of the people important to do practical things initiative, positive innovation, to promote the.

According to the Qinghai province

card limited liability company responsible person, "card" is built on the basis of advanced technology for urban and rural residents to provide systems engineering life convenient, widely used in highway, bus, taxi and other value-added services and convenience services. Through the construction and operation of the card system management services, the company will give priority to the promotion of the application of the traffic in the province, card, and by the end of this year to achieve interoperability with the national traffic card.


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