Nearly 1 million 500 thousand of Xining urban and rural residents have health insurance

reporter learned from the city social security, Medicare insurance payment in 2015 the number of the city’s urban and rural residents continued to maintain a good momentum of rise over the years, the number of medical insurance payment of residents of urban and rural residents reached 1 million 494 thousand and 300 people, the participation rate is above 99.8%, an increase of 38 thousand and 700 over the previous year, urban and rural residents basic medical insurance to achieve yingbaojinbao.
to consolidate 2014 annual urban and rural medical insurance payment number, and the increasing number of insurance premiums in 2015, 2015 the unified arrangement of urban and rural residents medical insurance premium payment work in the city social security bureau to deploy, advance planning, careful arrangements, meticulous organization. In order to improve the payment policy and time awareness, City Social Security Bureau well published "urban and rural residents in Medicare payment notice", "the new rural cooperative medical policy", "use the publicity New Year paintings of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance policy Q & a" color pages more than 7 copies, and widely posted in enterprises, small shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers market, hospitals, pharmacies, banks, residential areas, schools, communities and rural areas. Through a full range of media publicity 2015 urban and rural residents medical insurance policy. 2015 urban and rural residents Medicare payment time has been delayed compared to previous years, in order to ensure that urban and rural residents should be insured, the city in the provision of payment time after the extension of half a month. At the same time, in order to facilitate the payment of urban and rural residents insured, streamline the process of the city, urban residents only to carry the insured residents of urban residents Medicare card to any branch of ABC payment. Rural residents in the village where you can complete the insured procedures.

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