What are the of rural entrepreneurs to pay attention to the details

rural areas as a very wide area in China, has also become a lot of people in the current business choice. However, in such a place to do business in place, there will be a lot of attention and details we need to pay attention to. So, what are the details of rural entrepreneurship to pay attention to?

details of Rural Entrepreneurship (1): rural entrepreneurship to grow up. Investment in agriculture should be considered, market and other factors, the slightest mistake may come to naught, complete failure. Risk is not big, can not be considered.

rural entrepreneurship details (2): scale to create benefits. No scale can not become a big climate, not only large-scale mechanization, specialization, and can solve the problem of agricultural products sales. After a small scale development, we must go to the joint, the integration of the local advantages of varieties, regional planting, do the road to create a unique brand of agriculture.

(3): Rural Entrepreneurship details of rural entrepreneurship by carey, reasonable layout. Wide agricultural, business opportunities. Investment in agriculture is still a lot of problems to consider. First, the cost of investment accounting, how to create comprehensive benefits, consider how to intercropping, crop rotation, three-dimensional industrial chain, the good, the cost may reduce a lot of benefits, naturally come out.

details of Rural Entrepreneurship (4): rural entrepreneurship should be clear that science and technology is the first productive forces. Who can ignore the science and technology bring productivity, after all, what precision agriculture, information agriculture, agriculture, soilless cultivation and so on all cannot do without technology, it can be said that there would be no today’s thriving agricultural science and technology. Master knowledge, scientific farming, should invest in the hearts of farmers.

(5): Rural Entrepreneurship details of rural entrepreneurship to surprise. The game is useful for any business. For the agriculture, the author thinks that surprisingly is innovation, new varieties, new technologies, new concepts, new ideas often allow you to first obtain business opportunities, win. Small scale investment in agriculture, surprisingly often allows you to quickly get the first pot of gold, access to the most important primitive accumulation.

details of Rural Entrepreneurship (6): rural entrepreneurship to understand agriculture. The so-called "Zhiyizhibi, baizhanbudai" agriculture is both simple and hard to say. Simple is because see every day, go out seven pieces of things, not from agriculture, farmers to times is handy. It is difficult for agriculture to contain all kinds of knowledge, including astronomy, geography, physics and chemistry. Therefore, only from the specialty of the start, and then seek the development of specific samples, creating benefits.

rural entrepreneurship details (7): rural entrepreneurship to local conditions, due to time. Inseparable from the agriculture, cannot do without, different soil, different climate, different crops, even fertilization pesticide is different, in the absence of facilities cultivation, according to local conditions can not be ignored, should be.

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