Castle Peak Lake Science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition champion can get

is more entrepreneurial companies or enterprises in order to better development, in twenty-first Century continue to attract talent, the most valuable is a science and technology talent, innovation and entrepreneurship competition, which can make people to find a stage to display, can also help companies get more talent.

High tech industry

contest from the start of March 2016, at home and abroad for extensive collection of innovation and entrepreneurship projects, through auditions, semi-finals and the final stage, and try to find a number of high technology content, business development potential of large projects, promote the project implementation in Qingshan Lake landing into the city of Science and technology.

Excellent project third-prize

either because of bonuses or because of the opportunity, innovation and entrepreneurship competition is not to be missed for young people who have the talent for. Knowledge is still very important, young people still need to pay attention to education.



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