Shenhua air heater with what conditions – the official website to join the

Shenhua air heater? In our life, there is always a demand for water heaters. Shenhua air heater can not only meet the demand of consumers for water heater. At the same time, Shenhua air heater to join the project, or a very choice of business opportunities!

Shenhua air heater?

Shenhua air heater can join the official website of what is the condition of the Shenhua air heater can join the conditions:

1. confidence in the cause, is willing to actively join the Shenhua air heater to join the cause of the units and individuals.

2. has a good business reputation, self-motivated, dedication and hard-working spirit.

3. Shenhua air heater investors and their families healthy, have passion and enthusiasm in this industry.

4. is willing to accept Shenhua air heater headquarters management, participate in a unified training.

5. to provide a legal ID card, so Shenhua air heater can join headquarters to establish a real file.

6. must be based on the requirements of the headquarters, unified suspension Shenhua air heater image signs.

7. is willing to provide stores and sales scene photos to the headquarters, in order to Shenhua air heater headquarters to establish customer files. Three months after joining the company does not provide open photos and operating conditions, the headquarters will be withdrawn from the franchise.

Shenhua air heater to join the project selection, in fact, is also a very wise choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join Shenhua air heater project, an open their own brand stores, in fact, success is so simple!

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