To achieve the merchandise stores display

commodity display is done in place, which will have a very big influence on the operation of a store. So, if you want to successy run a shop, you need to put more energy on the display of goods. In short, a truly successful store merchandise display is the need to achieve the ness of the target.

China has an old saying: "sell mountain. Why mountain? It is through the great wealth of goods to attract customers, attract customers, stimulate the customer’s desire to buy. Therefore, the commodity display as a way to attract customers, in order to effectively attract customers, the display of goods must be rich, to dazzling.

supermarket is a big stage, when the commodity is like a mime, performing on the stage of the supermarket, can be favored by the customers, not only depends on the needs of customers taste, is more affected by the level of director – operators, display technology, why? Came to the supermarket because customers are most concerned about is the commodity, so a door will look at the counter shelf, at this time, if the counter of goods on the shelf a superb collection of beautiful things is very rich, very neat, customers will have a greater enthusiasm from the spirit.

will also produce a kind of subconscious: there are so many goods, there must be suitable for me to buy. As a result of increased confidence in shopping, shopping interest. On the contrary, if the merchandise is sparse, the customer is easily discouraged, they will feel the goods so little, no good goods. Once you have this mentality, they will cause great resistance to pay consumption. Therefore, the rich display of goods is one of the most important reasons for the increase in sales.

commodity display is a basic skill, do a good job of display, sales will be the first step! So, for some convenience stores, in the relatively small number of cases, even if the same kind of goods, regardless of color, style, or the same, should try to swing up, as much as possible to fill the shelves. If it is placed on the proper use of discontent, some small ornaments to be filled, in short, like grass, small crafts or something like that, don’t leave too much space on the shelf, don’t give people empty feeling.

retailers in particular, especially in rural areas do not pay attention to the display of goods, because of their high age, low cultural phenomenon, the lack of commercial awareness. Some of the goods placed at random, out of order, no sense of hierarchy, some even try to think of the reel right and left, is not to give a very messy, uncomfortable feeling? After the customer read, and how to produce a desire to buy it? No desire to buy, and how can we generate sales success rate?

a shop in the end how, for countless consumers, the most intuitive is the store display of goods. In short, the "commodity display can not be light, silent propaganda wins sound"

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