Harbin snow strikes someone happy people worry

with the advent of cold air, a heavy snow dump in Harbin, the advent of the university to make the majority of joy, but for sanitation workers, which means heavy work. Many sanitation workers are still stuck in the workplace, to help people travel.

Following the 18 Harbin meteorological observatory issued a blizzard blue warning signal, Harbin County snowfall will reach or exceed 4mm. 19 am, Harbin down the biggest winter snow, in a Snow gleams white. extraordinarily quiet. Although the day the temperature reached a minimum of -19 degrees, but a few days before the snow swept the haze situation in Harbin, the air is particularly fresh, the sky has returned to the past clean.

scheduled to the music of the snow broke the people of Harbin, but the hard work of traffic police and sanitation workers. In order to ensure the smooth flow of traffic to facilitate travel, they came to the post early snowstorm hit.

and the snow does not seem to stop, 19, 8, Harbin meteorological observatory issued a yellow warning signal again Blizzard snowfall, is expected within 12 hours to reach or exceed 6mm, Harbin urban management department will be fully engaged in the work of snow.

ordinary people who contribute to the construction of these cities, we should give more care and support. With the further change of cold weather, rain and snow will gradually increase the workload of sanitation workers will be greatly increased, and the work environment will be more severe, in the hope that the broad masses of the people to provide some help.

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