2016 the development of nternet in Fujian

the advent of the Internet has really made a big change in our lives, many cities also make full use of the Internet began to develop its own Internet banking. The report shows that since the beginning of this year, the rapid growth of Internet services in Fujian Province, to maintain two digit growth. In the first three quarters of the year, the Internet focused on scheduling contact enterprises (hereinafter referred to as key enterprises) total operating income of $45 billion 260 million, an increase of 8.9%. So, what is the status quo of the development of Internet in Fujian 2016?

among them, the Internet business income 30 billion 360 million yuan, an increase of 19.4%, higher than the same period in the province’s GDP and basic telecom business revenue of 11 and 14.3 percentage points. Key enterprises mainly distributed a media and e-commerce in the field, about 50% of the total, followed by entrepreneurial innovation, wisdom cloud service, service yimin.

Internet practitioners to maintain steady growth, R & D personnel increased significantly. The first three quarters, the total number of key enterprises, a total of 44 thousand and 600 people, an increase of 1.2%. Among them, the number of people engaged in Internet business accounted for 84.2% of the total number of enterprises. R & D personnel grew by 16.7%, focusing on R & D type of enterprise research and development personnel accounted for much higher than the product operation of enterprises.

lives in Internet plus era, only the clever use of the Internet, in order to get better development prospect in the future market, in order to better foothold. The cloud computing, big data, networking, VR/AR services represented by the rapid development of new business development, such as the first three quarters of the cloud computing services market size grew by 87.1%. Listed Internet companies 9, the total market capitalization of $43 billion 460 million. The province’s total of 69 cases of Internet enterprise financing, including financing statistics of the size of 63 reached $5 billion 920 million. The first three quarters, the overall index of the development of the Internet industry, an increase of 0.8 percentage points over the first half, an increase of 12.8 percentage points over last year.

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