Guangzhou subsidies for entrepreneurship is not limited to household

business popularization, let many areas now governments have been relaxed in a series of entrepreneurship policy, is to attract some other local entrepreneurs to carry out local entrepreneurial activities in Guangzhou for the start of subsidies will not limit register.

City executive meeting recently held

to use the entrepreneurial passion, achieve more entrepreneurial achievements, the government actively support is one of the righteous. Guangzhou invested 1 billion 100 million yuan to support entrepreneurship in the past 5 years, increased entrepreneurial support. More worthy of praise is that the new way to get rid of the restrictions on household subsidies, the city’s household registration in Guangzhou entrepreneurs and start-ups will benefit from. For example, entrepreneurship training subsidies expanded to non city residence of the various types of urban and rural workers, a one-time venture funded and rent subsidies to expand in Guangzhou attending the general higher education, occupation school, technical school students, entrepreneurship subsidies extended to all start-ups…… These measures will greatly broaden the benefits of entrepreneurship subsidies Guangzhou surface, sowing more entrepreneurial seeds. Adhering to the concept of "heroes do not ask the source" in the support of entrepreneurship, but also reflects the openness and tolerance of the city of Guangzhou.

A, need the whole chain business tracking service. Issued a business subsidies, to push a start-up companies at the same time, it may be better to establish a tracking entrepreneur and entrepreneurial projects in the city level information base, more conducive to understanding the development of the situation, targeted to help. For example, some entrepreneurial team lack of experience, the relevant departments can be invited to have some success predecessors, big coffee can get a lot of lessons, I believe a recommendation

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