Dark horse contest ShangHai Railway Station ended

now want to start a lot of friends, how to succeed in business? In fact, this problem is a lot of people want to ask, however, venture without rules, we must always be ready to deal with unexpected challenges! There are no rules for entrepreneurship, investors and entrepreneurs need to be ready to deal with unexpected."   Shenzhen Albert Albert partner Zhang Xiaozai as dark horse contest judges, which describes the current entrepreneurial environment.

6 26 April 2015 dark horse contest ShangHai Railway Station formally ended, the event focused on the cultural and creative fields, O2O, all players with their team and cordial exchange in Shanghai   project. The annual horse contest and entrepreneurial energy partners Red Bull again jointly attack, in the "house of cards Red Bull" final unit by lucky card, limited roadshow, four links will answer and time integrated   for entrepreneurs; quality, growth potential and character of mind and put forward comprehensive challenges.

entrepreneurs horse turns the stage, house of cards in a wonderful battle

limited roadshow links, entrepreneurs will face the judges and the audience, all-round introduction to their entrepreneurial projects within the specified time, "the way you" founder of Luojiang roadshow ended, three judges surprisingly gave & recommended

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