Children’s clothing store in the autumn to promote a large analysis

although the autumn has come, but autumn in a very long time, if now, will make your business is hot, the key is that many business owners do not know how to promote children’s clothing store in the fall, the following small for analysis on this issue!

1, do a good job in the new listing promotion. But for the majority of franchisees, it is necessary to take the most original and most effective way to promote: display inform. It is through the vivid display, inform the customer: This is the new clothing! This way you can through the window display, can inform the customer by Chen Lielai store these are new. Of course, in addition to display outside, staff promotion is also very important. The changing trend in the market today, no one can accurately identify the trend of the smell, so is the transfer of personnel promotion is an important means to instill this information.

2 to judge whether the goods are marketable or not. According to the customer trial rate and the communication with the customer in the new season to make marketable or not judgment, and do a good job in the exchange and storage of goods. Such as: there are several colors of a certain style can be appropriately increased or reduced color varieties; some clothing styles are very popular to increase inventory, some of the low rate of trial is less into some. Prepare for the upcoming sales season.

3, clean up the previous quarter inventory, which is also very important. Now a lot of businesses in the season when the conversion will be the first year of the old money out to display in order to mislead consumers this is the new. In this way we not to say yes or no, but at least it shows that the seasonal transition is an excellent opportunity to deal with the stock last year, this year is now an important sales work.

these although only the most simple preliminary promotion work, but I believe that as long as these do, only do these, can get ahead in the autumn winter season, success is always prepared to leave, do the clothing is the same, the preliminary work done, in order to win the harvest in the back of the sales in the process of.

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