Glasses shop counter layout needs to pay attention to what

an attractive glasses shop, not only need to have a good product and quality service, but also need to have a variety of intimate decoration layout, which is a very important aspect of the showcase counter. So, the glasses shop counter layout need to pay attention to what?

on the glasses store, the decoration is not to make a nice sign, covered with beautiful tiles, lamps installed on the good, many glasses store owner often ignore a point, that is the direct reaction counter, layout glasses shop counter to showcase price level and profitability, so glasses shop note that the counter showcase layout.

a glasses shop to see mostly backed by high wall cabinet and central island cabinet, the general design elements in high cabinet height should not exceed 2.7 meters, the depth of not more than 0.7 meters, the width of the suitable part of 1.2 meters; the low cabinet height should not be more than 1 meters, the depth of not more than 0.7 m, width of 1.2 meters is more appropriate for the same.

The main purpose of the

cabinet is to display the products, and some of the high-end frames, sunglasses, contact lenses and the latest products. It is known that the production of high cabinets is mainly aimed at display. Different products, followed by the design should pay attention to the actual function of the counter. Each product can not be built counters are the same style.

low cabinet are usually two glass display part and wooden cabinet, glasses display glass not only can let the customer know the goods close, its important function is to be popular in all kinds of glasses brand very detailed display can be said in front of the customer, the low cabinet is the key a glasses shop glasses and glasses are sold.

in addition to showcase layout, the importance of product display is still very easy to ignore the glasses shop owner. The most prominent phenomenon is that a lot of shop renovation cost expensive, looks very luxurious, but the internal display looks very confusing, sense of hierarchy and focus are not prominent, is not conducive to creating a better sales environment.

glasses shop on the display problem, there is no uniform norms. But on the whole should be separated from the purpose of the glasses store market positioning, as far as possible to meet the potential psychological needs of customers, should not be based on the boss’s personal preferences to be sure. In general, there are three ways to create an optical shop display, that is, filled display, display and display display. The filling type display belongs to the common open shelf display; display of key commodities, emphasize display outstanding features or seasonal goods.

under the current market competition is so fierce in the background, if we want to do a shop business, naturally need to pay attention to the details, each of which, for the glasses shop, a showcase counter nature is also very important. So, >

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