November Beijing city price trend will change slightly from the stop up

is a topic of concern for all the people in the life of real estate, people want to buy anxious prices, want to invest in people ready to start buying money, but after a series of real estate policies, in November the city real estate market continued cooling trend. Market research firm believes that the beginning of the November real estate market continues to cool, around the strict implementation of regulatory policies, encourage buyers began to appear full of sentiment, the market turnover downward trend accelerated.

7, Albert I love my family group Market Research Institute statistics show that in the first week of November, Beijing net signed volume of new homes dropped over 40% apartment products cut; the volume of second-hand housing net signed volume fell 17%, daily average of less than 1000 sets.

"in November, net signed volume plummeted, and working days before tens of thousands of sets of the above heat compared to the market was cooling." Albert I love my home group vice president Hu Jinghui think, "Beijing 9· clear requirements to increase the housing supply from 30 policy", the strict implementation of the "limit prices, competing land policy, actively measures is to suppress and control the new house prices of new homes, new supply structure optimization, with the implementation of these policies, the future of new homes the supply structure of Beijing will be more reasonable.

he believes that the policy on the secondary housing market is particularly evident. Beijing "9· 30 policy" to stabilize market expectations, curb the overheated property market, played an immediate effect. Especially after October, the buffer, the Beijing second-hand residential net signed data appear obvious decline trend in early November.

Hu Jinghui told reporters, in the new strong regulation, Beijing second-hand housing market supply-demand relationship has changed, and raise the down payment ratio is expected to enhance the cooling property market, customers purchase is greatly reduced, the market demand to wait. Therefore, the actual market volume, the amount of net signed data signing decline is inevitable. "The decline is just the beginning of the first week of November net signed volume, with the fall of the further implementation of the new deal, sign data will further decline. Reversal of supply and demand, some owners began to take the initiative to cut prices, therefore, second-hand housing prices will also be the next callback." He said.

7, Centaline monitoring data research center for the country’s 54 City real estate market turnover last week showed that the main city market turnover continued to decline, 54 city contract total 56 thousand units, down the rate reached 20%.

Centaline Zhang Dawei, chief analyst believes that, overall, some cities began to control the turnover caused by the phenomenon of regulation. In the early purchase, after the introduction of the credit limit policy, in mid October across the country to carry out an unprecedented real estate regulation comprehensive landing recommended

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