Millet virtual operators to enter the wolf really came

heard the story of childhood is always impressive, I believe many people remember the wolf story, this story to tell people not to lie, to be honest, in fact, people ignore those seeking to pack out.

9 22, millet announced the brand "millet mobile virtual operations", launched the "imprisoned" and "eat" two kind of phone card, formally enter the communications industry.

1, do operators, millet with what?

The second is

again is the service advantage. This is a relative value. Due to various reasons, the traditional operators often left some questions in the process of business development, such as "user traffic cleared, tariff packages more complicated", "online sales lag", millet just need to find one or two of the users concerned about the pain points, you can easily win over the people, if the product is enough advantage obviously, attractive to users is still considerable.

2, millet mobile really terrible where?

now millet is just to enter the communications industry and communications operators "Roubo shopping? It’s not that simple. In my opinion, Lei Jun millet is probably this time to launch mobile, "and at the same time".

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