What are the names of the KTV

is known to all, the name of a shop is very important to the development of the shop. However, if we can grasp the relevant points, the name can also be very simple. So what are the names of the KTV?

1, pay attention to pronunciation

ktv named to choose the pronunciation of the name is not difficult, and it is best not to have homophonic ambiguity. In addition, you can consider internationalization, your name will not have a negative meaning in the foreign language pronunciation.

2, Lenovo’s magic

ktv names can choose those who have a metaphorical name. Apple, for example, would make people think of the apple that fell on Newton’s head. When consumers see or hear your name, this association will help them to remember your brand more deeply.

3, visual

ktv named the ideal situation is to allow people to create a sense of the screen. When people first saw a thing or the name will can’t help produce a picture, the picture is the first impression of a name, a good name will have strong sense of the screen and the visual aesthetic feeling, so if your KTV name can let people have a good sense of the picture is a good name.

4, abstract

as far as possible to the KTV name from the actual product abstraction. Take an abstract name and you will not have these concerns when you are in the future.

5, originality

make sure that the KTV name is not registered. In addition, try not to be similar to the current popular KTV names, or you may be confused by your customers, future employees and investors.

Although the name

work is not good, however, as long as we can master more called skills, know how to play a proper name, then to the store, a successful name can also be very simple. So, if you’re going to name KTV, do you know what you need to know?

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