What do you need to return home business

in order to attract migrant workers into employment and entrepreneurship, local governments have provided different degrees of convenience. So what are the things that are most needed for these migrant workers?

return "embarrassed way" to "warm way", the reporter on this train trip home, found that after "85", "90" after the "new generation" migrant workers dream, the pursuit of a goal, their desire for knowledge, desire, desire to integrate into entrepreneurship, look forward to a broader growth stage.

development skills

and many migrant workers, Wu Nengwei initially produces a worker on the assembly line, by manual meal, repeat the monotonous, mechanical manufacturing process. For a few factories, the more he felt that the road work will only become narrower and narrower, "work can not be a lifetime, how old!" He sought to change, and found that the effective way is to learn, accumulate knowledge.

"I lost a fortune in the home chicken before they go out to work, but I am not discouraged, because young, failed to start again from the beginning." This year, 25 year old Xu Minglong said, now want to be the most important reason for the failure of Entrepreneurship: first, the lack of funds, technology, market information is not recommended for the two

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