Small investment cost control is very important

first of all, it is very obvious that a small venture, so they do not have much money, so the cost of control will be very necessary for entrepreneurship. The following small series will be a real example to show you the importance of cost control!

Small Yan

Using professional

of underwear business with a small capital store, shop location is the key. To learn and do their own cousin, market investigation, small Yan, Hunan and Zhejiang market near the bus station, subway station after the completion of a good popularity, coupled with the market gives a year rent free concessions, small Yan entrepreneurship try lingerie store finally opened here zhang.

Design professional


"in the market to sell underwear, to retain customers have to come up with some measures." Small Yan in the shop process, to learn a lot of peer promotions, such as membership discounts, holiday gifts, special offers, etc.. Before the store will often hang some specials. Xiao Yan said that to attract more customers and repeat customers, the quality problem is the primary, while the price to affordable, affordable, the most important thing is to be sure to better service attitude.

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