n September 1st 5 days of entertainment programs off the air war drama into the mainstream

As everyone knows

is September 3rd of this year is the 70 anniversary of the victory of the war anniversary, at the same time our country for such a festival is also very important, all enterprises will be in the 9.3 Day holiday, there are many entertainment programs will also be canceled.


9 1 July, the TV screen will enter a period of 5 days to commemorate China people’s Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war 70 anniversary of the central propaganda broadcasting week. Affected by this, a large number of entertainment programs will be suspended broadcast, and literature, education, life service programs are not affected by this. TV drama, many anti Japanese drama will become the absolute mainstream of the screen, some of the TV will even be aired during the 22:00 war drama. Big parade will be on the morning of September 3rd to enter the live.

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