What are the benefits of joining our cold noodle

snacks, cold noodle is one of the popular varieties of love, so how to choose a cold noodle shop a unique taste, popular cold noodle shop? Xiaobian tell you there is such a long established excellent reputation of the cold noodle shop do you know?

Shaanxi Jieertai cold noodle Co. Ltd was founded in 1998, the company started by Wu Bai yuan, the development and operation of cold noodle, after a year of development, in 2000 the establishment of the Shaanxi Jieertai cold noodle Co., after more than five years of hard pioneer, from small to large, from one shop to more than and 100 stores, from the initial 500 yuan of funds to the development of now about two million yuan of assets, has established its own brand Jieertai, companies that provide our customers with high quality and inexpensive, nutritious and healthy food as the goal, and the green industry base enterprises own (pepper, pepper base base), vinegar industry company and seasoning processing center. Chinese fast food development company (package) Jieertai cold noodle, hamburger, black rice, rice pudding, sweet Rice porridge casserole, vermicelli and other fast food Steamed Jiaozi. Because of the advanced processing technology, good quality, welcomed by the majority of customers, in 2000 by the Shaanxi Cuisine Association named Shaanxi snack, the same year, Shaanxi Jieertai cold noodle cooking for the association found that Chinese hamburger was Chinese snack. 2003 Jieertai brand was named " Chinese market well-known brand ", Jieertai; cold noodle Co. Ltd. was named " Chinese; green food catering enterprises; " 2004 March China market monitoring center named "China honesty, keep the contract, quality" business model.

What are the benefits of joining the

jiethai cold noodle

The benefits of

Jieertai join franchising system cold noodle Co. Ltd.

to join, join a chain system; Levon Tate has the following advantages:

exclusive " Jieertai " " " Chinese snack; ", " Chinese market well-known brand; bring popularity and profits, one step beyond the start-up stage, directly into the period of rapid development.

regional district protection policy, so no worries franchisees.

, unified procurement, unified distribution so as to reduce the purchase cost.

training system, has obtained successful experience to run their own businesses.

to obtain reliable quality of goods and services.

you can choose the best location of stores according to the acquired experience > headquarters

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