The guy was accidentally two ran pengci beauty

Iran guy was pengci pengci, want to marry her daughter China two old guy, as the two daughter, is a small to handle the relevant formalities to go to Tehran, in the face of this adventure, what you want to say?


things because of a guy named Song Chuying in Hunan due to discuss the company’s business visa to Iran Tehran. During his stay in Tehran, because the night driving is walking down a woman, took place in this bizarre incident, the Xiao Song has with his parents to consult, all relevant formalities to Tehran. This incident caused a lot of discussion in the song’s hometown.

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until the hospital confirmed the elderly without any physical discomfort, was discharged. The old man made a ridiculous request after discharge. She wants her two daughters to marry the Chinese guy. Xiao Song began to adhere to refuse, but after more than a month to get along with and understanding, Xiao Song courage finally opened the two girls veil, two girls let Xiao Song excited to have superior appearance, beautiful!

why hatti Sura must take two daughters "to" small song according to Xiao Song introduced hesitation Tehran now very young men lack two daughters before marriage were not what choice, expected to marry local older men, rather than marry little song for this young people abroad of course, Xiao Song Weirenchushi also deeply won the mother-in-law and two wife.

eight years of the Iraq war, which Iran lost nearly 650 thousand young men. Since then, Iran has a serious imbalance between men and women. According to a survey by the national youth organization of Iran, there are now 20 young women aged between 29 and 6 million 200 thousand, and between the ages of 25 and 34 are only about 2 million 800 thousand.

and since Iran man looking for younger women’s marriage customs, so there are nearly about 3000000 women may lose the chance to get married. Iran media said that even if all men are married, there are still about 1800000 women to live a single life.



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