Six marketing cases of developing creative thinking

now on the market competition is very fierce, entrepreneurs step by step is difficult to obtain entrepreneurial success, with creative thinking for them more and more important. So how to get creative thinking? The following six marketing cases for the development of their creative thinking is very useful.

1, egg grip in the hands of women: Morgan is the richest man in the United States, he was a young man with his wife when the United States is a poor. In order to make a living, he and his wife opened a grocery store selling eggs. Morgan often complains about his eggs when he sells eggs. After a period of observation and summary, he will let his wife to sell eggs, the results of the customer not only do not think little eggs, but the impression and attitude of Morgan has greatly changed. The reason for this is that Morgan’s hands are big and thick, making the eggs look a little smaller. The same egg, placed in a woman’s slender hands and a man’s strong hands, the buyer’s vision, the egg is not the same egg.

2, Harry: buy my circus ticket free gift package peanuts: American propaganda wizards Harry fifteen at the age of six in a circus child labor, responsible for selling small food in the circus. But every time there are not many people who go to the theatre, there are fewer people who eat and drink. One day, Harry whim: give each of the audience to buy a package of peanuts, in order to attract the audience. But the boss strongly disagreed with his absurd idea. Harry used his meager salary as a guarantee, asked the boss to let him try, and promised to say, if the money from his salary deduction; if the profit, only half of their own. The boss reluctantly agreed.

3, President of the book: an American publisher has a number of best-selling book for a long time can not get rid of it, he sent the president a book, and to solicit the views of the president again and again, no time at the president of government affairs and its entanglement, he should be a sentence: "this book is good!" publishers like treasure a whoop and a holler. The president: "there is a book out of love"

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