Survey shows that the level of education is inversely proportional to entrepreneurial intention

many people will think of a person by the higher level of education in many aspects of the views will be deeper and more comprehensive, such people are often not willing to people, working for other people, however, a recent survey has shown that with the opposite of a result!

at the same time, Guangzhou focus on business information, prepare the youth entrepreneurship is also the highest proportion of 46% young people surveyed in the future; the highest proportion of business plan. From the above data can be seen, although the Taiwan region with entrepreneurial spirit, but the enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs in Guangzhou is higher than that of young people in Taiwan." Tu Minxia analysis.

economic situation worse entrepreneurial intention is stronger "in Guangzhou, the higher the level of education, the lower probability of business plan, this is a worrying phenomenon." Tu Minxia analysis said that this shows that the youth in Guangzhou can not find a job or find a job is not satisfied with the choice of entrepreneurship to change the situation.

Study on

more choose the low threshold of the industry, only 6.4% choose the high-tech industry survey shows that in Guangzhou the young respondents, the majority (90.2%) of youth is no entrepreneurial experience. Among the young people who have experienced the business, a large proportion of young people will focus on the sales industry (27.3%), the food and beverage industry (18.2%) and IT and other high-tech industries (15.9%>)

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