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was little, his novel xiaolifeidao caused countless people in pursuit of Li Xunhuan’s heroic heroes flying into the sky, we still can not forget. Today Xiaobian to recommend this delicacy name loudly, "Li flying" bowl of Sliced noodles, is not it a dandy fan? "Li flying" bowl of Sliced noodles is the heritage of Chinese dozens of generations of famous faces of the tool knife, cutting workers, exquisite craft, select Xinjiang area wheat noodle special production process produced, smooth taste, special taste. In today’s fast food, instant noodles have lost the characteristics of rough surface and texture.

Li flying Sliced noodles to join?

"Li flying" Sliced noodles while retaining the traditional features, more attention to quality and flavor from the surface, kneading, rolling, cutting, following each link while carrying a deep knowledge intensive and meticulous farming, combining face culture and Taoist spirit of traditional Chinese, road to Jane, the natural Art beats nature. "Li! Flying" pasta, with multi exquisite small dish as a supplement, are popular taste dishes, to meet the requirements of all walks of life. At the same time, "Li flying" dedicated to the popular traditional folk old dishes extracted, and into the fast pace of modern life, to build the brand of "independent style", make the whole enterprise rise to a higher level, the prestigious.

company was founded in the beginning, as for the mass consumer groups of low consumption, the staple food and dishes taste and characteristics, strict requirements, carefully selected, with a unique style, easily unique consumption environment, consumption patterns, establishment of customer base and the brand awareness and reputation. With conscience, do; with the time, do good! This is "Li flying" purpose and motto.

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