Two years of career DedeCMS to accompany me through the webmaster.

yesterday (July 23, 2008) I contact the webmaster industry 2nd anniversary anniversary in July 23rd 06 by graph king boss with my career, learned a lot, thanks a lot, after will return.

two years ago, I was just using the easy website management system because I wouldn’t use the PHP class management system. Join the webmaster nets ( with a new partner, Zhao (East), continued Wang Kai (silent wind) now, three net sweat flying fish, Xiao Wei, Zhang Dong Zi, which taught me the use of MYSQL database, and three perspiration taught me to configure the PHP environment.

twenty-two months before, I contacted DedeCMS (it should be said too late), was the son of the East, trying to persuade Khan three figure King website platform replacement! Lasts for a month, such a system that they first met so persistent.

twenty-one months ago, I used the DedeCMS, because the webmaster nets in Khan three under the full responsibility for the platform, completely revised by the webmaster information resources network into "webmaster nets"". The use of the process, has been inconsistent with the DedeCMS, because the 3.1 version of the time not only feel that the front desk default interface ugly, backstage feel ugly.

eighteen months ago, I have completely fallen in love with DedeCMS, and love is so thorough, the heart is completely unable to accommodate other.

fifteen months ago, I started to use the DedeCMS website, although he still won’t do, will not install the plugin template, but does not affect my commitment to DedeCMS, I found myself in the East and 31 kind of crazy sweat.

twelve months ago, my first website let me taste the magic of the website. The website was more than 10000, and I was completely conquered by the website, and even more to identify my obsession with DedeCMS.

, ten months ago, my website died unexpectedly, and Baidu completely blocked me. Find out the reason is unknown, the guess is because Baidu get traffic is too large, the peak of 8, 90 thousand IP.

, nine months ago, I continued with my second web site, and it was still my lovely DedeCMS who accompanied me on the line for less than a month. IP was as high as 8 thousand a day, so fast that I didn’t expect it to happen.

seven months ago, the site traffic reached twenty thousand IP, so this kind of growth rate, I’m a little scared, afraid of Baidu this Si, if in cut me, is not the end?. Admin5 Trading Forum appears in a fixed paste, buy the website, a thread inadvertently received a phone call at night, buyers, after negotiations, site twenty thousand yuan turnover.

six months ago, he was engaged, and my girlfriend formally agreed, never abandon. During the period, the website has only two small stations, and there is no main website.

, four months ago, step on the fly

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