Why isn’t your site angry Multi dimensional interpretation of website atmosphere operation

as the electricity supplier industry operators meow, the boss must have said, such as "our website /APP atmosphere can not ah", "home" how angry!" In this case. Maybe your job is not here, the weight is only a small part, but no one is ignored the corners of things, in the busy work is too busy, but the atmosphere is not enough, the first thought is the operation of the boss. Helpless face, cross out or have a corresponding strategy, today talk atmosphere related operations.

The operation of the

atmosphere can be understood as the marketing of perceived atmosphere to the user at the presentation. This is a more general work, involving products, vision, operations and technical implementation, we split up to see.


is the first page structure must be reasonable, any one of the best places have preset fast configuration, and to configure the background; secondly, there must be a dynamic page elements, may be less than, such as carousel figure, dynamic message to the user, a sense of the unknown; finally, the blank can, but should be targeted, blank where can be used in special time point.

The APP configuration and display the relevant departments of Taobao’s

is a hundred level architecture, has such a strong team support, can achieve the height of APP configuration and thousands of thousands of people face in the show, double eleven and other large promotional activities, the configuration can ensure efficient switching, enough atmosphere high.

of course, these products work, most cannot do without technical support, but also need to take the initiative to find the operation of the current mainstream Internet chat technology, learning the new product concept, technical means to operate in the atmosphere.


clear, full color, time, the amount of each module size distribution is the basic factor, can focus on the visual design of interesting a lot of APP are used in the range of characters, such as let the carousel prizes beyond the carousel box, to other modules below, designed thinking this will bring impact strong. Such programs don’t need much, and they can be used at critical times.

need to pay attention to the visual norms, non professional visual students, unconstrained, it is often easy to ignore the overall coordination. Visual output of a set of atmosphere, and with custom range values, is excellent.

in the configuration backend, if necessary, the development of analog APP interface function, configuration items visualization display in the simulation interface, for you to adjust.

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1, quantitative indicators: the operation of the atmosphere corresponding to your KPI, which will force you to constantly improve. Don’t say the corresponding, the page click corresponding last year, and then remove the corresponding user base, you can count the click rate.


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