SF hey passengers pay 1 billion tuition, 4 lessons for practitioners to O2O

Abstract: have a brilliant future of living of the local electricity supplier in the field on the basis of this may also be the most O2O field can be realized.


some years ago, ma am logistics providers of pain, the backhand and rookie network, said network skynet. Another big brother Wang Wei, although expensive for the logistics industry is also affected by the king, the characteristics of the industry of labor-intensive and capital intensive tired, then reverse the electricity supplier, before the preferred SF, SF hey off after. The two chiefs of the same thing, at least it illustrates a point: no line capacity of the electricity supplier and logistics ability will eventually fall into no online platform bottleneck. Online and offline integration trend is inevitable, which is the basic context of the origin of O2O. That is, this year, Ali and ant gold service to spend 6 billion to enter the field of local life, word of mouth network full of blood resurrection, more recently, the news that the number of Alibaba Cai Chongxin, chairman of the reputation of the chairman of the board. On the one hand, Ma, although more than once said that O2O is a false proposition, on the other hand, under the weight of the layout, the only explanation is that the chiefs understand the O2O with the public is not the same. Another brother Wang Wei, a low-key off the scenery without the two SF hey passengers, the transformation and upgrading of the SF home emerges, or a goal: local life. This time, the two chiefs once again the same. At least it illustrates two issues: 1, O2O is what the proposition is not important, important is the size of the game player already have admission, this is a kind of business; 2, based on the local cost of living have a brilliant future electricity supplier in the field, it may also be the most O2O field can be realized. Compared with Ma’s SF hey off is really nets above and snares below, appear truly in our life over a period of time. We first take a look at how a hey hey SF off method. Hey off platform flagship operating food fresh, grain and oil, maternal and infant toys, household goods, digital appliances and other commodities. Customers can through the Internet or to Hey off stores placed with a tablet computer, will choose near the goods sent home or community hey Inn self mention, and by WeChat, Alipay, online banking, cash stores and other ways to complete the payment, all the goods are provided by SF EXPRESS distribution service.

more than a year ago, it is the first true sense of the O2O model by people eager to study, then the SF hey off Wang Wei certainly be placed on the pattern of great strategic vision. Today, O2O from theory to practice has been a lot of iterations of the version, the industry is also more mature about its mode of thinking, a variety of formats are endless. Hey SF off as a O2O test defeat, also gives us a lesson, thanks to the SF pay so much tuition for us. So, quietly turn hey off behind, what we have learned from it?

first: O2O is the essence of consumer upgrades, rather than the simple addition of online and offline

warehousing and transportation with the logistics industry is the two largest node. In the form of landing with the most are of three kinds: express to join the station, convenience store and collecting undertakes self distribution.

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