On the last day of 2009, do a film site summary

new year is coming, write something Liugejinian, I contact site is in the second half of 2008, count is a bit of time, but I regret the most is too late, I think this is many webmaster idea: if I want to contact you two years ahead of schedule soon the "million users", do not say there should be no problem for hundreds of thousands of millions.

I do more than a year, just earned a total of more than 20 thousand, perhaps in the eyes of many of my friends are few, according to many of my friends one day to earn 2 to two thousand or three thousand a month, tens of thousands of this movie, there are still some webmaster, but many are not making money, or some recommendation and experience.

I’m a movie site, movie website is the pursuit of traffic, traffic has money. In 2008, the movie website is not a lot, remember that time will do a keyword to a lot of traffic, such as a movie now "" heaven "," the film I have done, look at the movies, I came before the three, sometimes is the first, then the movie website not much, so it is easy to arrange a good place, now you go to search for it, do the keyword movie website is also afraid of scores, but the most important thing is now Baidu changed the search algorithm, a lot of popular keywords, front row is basically a large site, the small owners to come to the front row to basically impossible, so do the movie site to get the flow, now is very difficult.

at the end of 2009, the country was cracking down on movie websites, and no ethical video was allowed. Many movie sites had to shut down, including some space service providers. Judging from the form of recent months, the movie web site is afraid there is no spring.

tomorrow is new 2010, see the last month, signs of recovery as a movie website, many movie website has opened up a new movie website also appeared, and the space was moved to China, then we can see that the national strike action basically came to an end, the movie can be done, the CN domain name also do the movie. I think there’s something really regret it, because that’s when I put my strike into a movie website about other website, and now back, the weights are not, I said so much, I still do my personal experience about the movie website.

what optimization, we all see tired, in fact, almost all, said the relaxed, and do not have a few people can do. For example, the title of the website, do not easily modify the title, I also know, but I really can not control themselves, often so change, then change, of course, the consequences are very serious. Here or to remind you, do not literally change the title, change you will regret, of course, if your title is very bad, then you can change it.

in addition, the website should have good ranking, and the connection is very important. For those new websites, it’s hard to find links. You can buy links, too

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