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good evening, everyone. I’m a fish. Last month, the author established a local classified information network, the domain name will not be mentioned, so as not to AD suspects. Speaking Why build a local website, we have to begin with a colleague and unintentional talk, then I want to find colleagues to help him deal with an old mobile phone, I think let him go to the classified information network to try, then open the search engine, search (letter names + the city classification information network) this word, it turns out not to search out, in front of the row is actually some pages, this little excitement about it, and said, in a week, my local website officially launched. In an instant, a month later, today just to share with you I do a bit of experience and skills of the station, I hope you are not good at

!First we talk about the domain name

, I found the city registered domain name Quanpin domain name and referred to as the phonetic domain have not been registered, but taking into account the search engine’s preferences, I chose the name spelling as domain name. In the choice of the server, I carefully, finally chose a Hongkong VPS host, why choose Hongkong? Oh, because it is a historic, recently, access speed should not be a problem, then no record, now can be used immediately, fast and convenient.

in the content construction I started a few detours, because I wanted to make the website content rich at the time, but forget the nature of local site, start crazy to some large portal sites to collect data, but later found not very good collection and access to data, realized the local website in the news local news and the surrounding area. In order to find content, I adopted the method is to order the newspaper, and then the contents of the newspaper after simple editing release, so the same content that localization, included also go up (because the original quality is high).

then external optimization. I am in the construction of the chain is selected and the contents of some related websites, such as other city forum, as a result, I found that the effect is actually surprisingly good, the chain is only more than 1000, but the ranking is very stable. In the exchange of links, I insist on more than 3 a week, the main object is other cities, local information networks or forums. I did not choose to buy high weights at the beginning of the construction of the chain, because taking into account the late operation problems, dare not buy, because this thing later, once stopped buying, it is troublesome, ha ha.

after a month of hard operation, in the last update of Google, the success of PR rose to 3, gratifying, oh, well, due to the time, today is here first, thank you. The author of the rainbow auxiliary network, this article first A5, reprinted please be sure to write the source, thank you!


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