Small talk about the site was linked to horse prevention and solution

was a grassroots webmaster do stand is not easy, but some senior weight, also for us, for their own desires, at the expense of our site does not say, the key is to combat our establishment of passion, I know I will give some new Adsense write prevention and solution. Experts can smile over, there are wrong places, please correct me!


first, free website forum what, not as their main energy input point, because even if is linked to the horse or be removed, they do not need to bear what responsibility; free space;

second, the choice of procedure please try to choose some good reputation, the more famous program, certainly not to say that they don’t have security vulnerabilities, relatively speaking, less holes in them more, and repair it immediately;

third, the program now generally have a verification code, function, security problem and so open, especially to the administrator, must, background login page name, proposed changes, to remember but not the default management page of his name; by the way, the install directory must be deleted, many procedures this has prompted


fourth, first strong password management, although the keyboard recording tools such as your password more complex are useless, but for some of the basic tools for guess, it is your safety! In addition, when the input password please also note that the input method now has a soft keyboard, hey we have to use it, and use the mouse to click the soft keyboard to enter your password, so that can prevent a keylogger tool part;

fifth, the managers of their own computer environment is also very important, anti-virus software must be installed, which is not recommended, after all, I use the rising, each one has his good points, Kaba did not say that he is not good, but I can’t stand it in some places; installed antivirus software will not have Everything will be fine., updated regularly, ensure to the new virus can be against


sixth, good surfing habits, now some of the horses are cattle, can directly off your anti-virus software, but the premise is that you want to trigger it, for example, when you use the Internet, see something very attractive, a little trick, Ecuador… This is the trigger; horse is also this download the middle of the process, can understand the Internet;

seventh, backup, this is very important, and often need to backup, if your service provider for the service, but it is the best, but you have the time, or to keep backups of your own web site, once the point what, hey, You’ll see. good backup, backup first of all, there must be a complete procedure of the backup, then, is a regular backup template file, and cannot have a backup, for example, by date backup, archive every Monday, good ~ ~ problem reduction on the line; the database backup also remember Oh ~ ~ but the horse usually don’t move your database and other documents.

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