Website promotion team building three focus

website promotion is a long process, you need to have a persevere spirit, and in the current network environment, we can clearly feel, access more and more Internet companies, which give the individual webmaster more challenges. How to deal with the increasingly severe market test? We must build their own team, in this world there has never been a meaningful thing is a person to complete, we must need the support of the team, then you have a good idea, no one with you, it is just a single-handed, not what, at best is out of the limelight, meet the individual performance desire.

so how do we finish our team building,


number 1: selection of team members

If the

is doing business I want to give up a lot of things in this world you don’t want to combine to do all things, if you want a woman doll hot Kang life that take home early well, know how to give people can get more people to the world is to prove yourself, leave your the traces of let the world know that you have been to, have said that the ordinary is rich, the pig is not very ordinary? That day alive muddle along without any aim as early as the heavens, go to heaven to enjoy


team’s start-up personnel must be to share power, energy, not for trivial matters you may have to do a thing, a man must be not trivial things to the family a before, for behind a successful man must have a extraordinary women silently support him! Many times don’t understand why many people prefer to go to a success, because they are afraid of the family to bring greater interference to his career, maybe there are a lot of people don’t agree with me, you can also support the opposition, but I have described is a fact good! If you can’t find the other half, the other half is your stumbling block, let you become mediocre, no power, know the grave, you know what your life None of them,


second: reasonable assignment of jobs

whether partners or your employees, each person must have their own specific work, once established the goal and direction of development of the company, it must carry on, I often see a lot of people say, he can talk rapidly but is not off the reel, see him do seem to understand what however, they do a thing, we often say than to choose, if we only choose without action is futile. Everyone should do what work must have their own plan, how much do, have what effect, must have a return and a summary of experience some time I found this return and summary is not a formalism, but urge your company personnel to work better. People are inert, and there are many ways to turn this inertia into a positive one. If there is a better way, you can replace it. Return >

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