How do webmasters share four tips for web visitor viscosity

is a popular web site, mainly to see the user browsing the page number is PV per capita, a registration function depends on the number of registered members, there are many old customers, customer loyalty is high by similar to those of the data analysis, combined with their own on the web to get a reference data. All know the ultimate goal is to make new visitors into the old visitors, old visitors into loyal users. By what method to be retain new visitors to stop the footsteps, random walk, let it become a fan of your site? There are four factors: the content of two convenient; three; comfortable interface; four complete functions. These can make visitors become loyal visitors. Many statistical tools can have many new visitor statistics in a day, how many regular visitors, the function of Statistics Most owners are not going to see, because most of the webmaster only look at today’s IP number, PV number, others are ignored. How can we improve user loyalty to the website. How to increase the viscosity of the website, will be the primary task. The flow is not great things, keep 90% of the visitors to the past is really the best


enhances user viscosity techniques a: superb content

horse without weeds but not fat. No fortune without hair. The content of the website is not the same for exquisite cannot make. The content is a soul of the website, 90% of all know. So the user interested to see an article, the content is more wonderful. This shows that your website is very useful for the visitors, and people have a mental, when I saw a suitable for their own things, the subconscious will remember this thing appears, the website is the same, with the content to let visitors remember your station is EASY. However, it is not that the contents of the user you know what you stand, will remember their station, if there is a fall of the owners so as not to cause too wonderful every day, no two words. A written article is not caused by careless visitors interested in having a contrary. The article, master the user’s point of view to write the article is more likely to cause the visitor’s resonance, because you write is not the time to himself as the protagonist, but to themselves as spectators. This article written will attract more people to browse. A theater has always respected the method to write articles is to stand in the angle of the third party to write, now a little bit in progress. Hehe. Only in this way can produce more and more visitors love the.

enhanced user viscosity techniques two: site easy to use

I remember I wrote many articles of this kind, said is a website to be easy to use, can not find articles to click right click on the left to find the station. Time is money, time is money. Visitors and their own web site is to provide a platform for Internet users. If a according to their own taste of the passions to work then you do not stand for the user, but do not give yourself. A total of two characters, the world > preferences, Xing

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