Maintain Baidu snapshot update and website ranking relationship

recently, many of my friends asked me, keep the latest Baidu snapshot, ranking will be better? This issue is controversial and the fact that the latest snapshot certainly than long-term snapshot not update the site has ranking advantage. We know that a web search engines are often updated, that this site has vitality, have certain activity sites in general can provide resources for search engines, web search engines that don’t love


, if a website, has not updated several original articles, a month did not go to management and maintenance of these pages, it is difficult to imagine such a station will be ranked first. Baidu’s updated home page snapshot, if it is within 24 hours, that is, yesterday’s snapshot. It shows that Baidu should spiders be recently to visit my website, but why the recently updated page snapshot not ranked in all "the front? As we all know, for web page ranking, Baidu snapshot is generally in accordance with the time to rank, that why I was in the last snapshot behind? This snapshot must be maintained for a period of time, rather than one day is the latest snapshot, ranking will be. After a lot of senior search engine optimization experts study, often keep snapshot of the latest, is to make the ranking stable rise a factor. Of course, there are many ranking algorithms, and this is also part of the success.

my website, free stories, snapshots, updates have been delayed in recent days, probably the reason for changing titles.

first A5, reprinted the famous address Oh, ~~


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